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The Search For Serenity

Hello folks!

I'm happy to see a few people have joined already. I hope to see the community grow in quantity, but above all I hope to see it grow in quality. There are so many communities on LiveJournal that are full of bitterness and divisiveness, but the aim of this community is peace and tranquility.

One of the first things I have done is to ask my dear friend yardlong to be a co-maintainer for serenity_zone. She has a kind and quiet spirit, and she will be quick to step in and handle spammers, flamers, trollers, and others of that ilk. I am happy she agreed to help out!

The second thing I'd like to do is to ask for input from those of you who have joined. Your input on what kinds of things the community should discuss will be invaluable. I have already come up with a list of 54 interests, but there is room for 96 more, so feel free to add new ideas. I'd like the interest list to have an uplifting theme, so that the focus is where it should be: On the positive, and not on the negative. So interests like "anxiety" or "depression" don't really fit, but things like "tranquility" and "happiness" do fit. I'm also interested in concepts that are more eastern than western in origin, to give more of a balance to the interest list.

Here's the list we have so far:

acceptance, advice, art, beauty, books, calm, caring, charity, compassion, contemplation, dreams, encouragement, enlightenment, faith, generosity, gentleness, giving, god, goodness, gratitude, happiness, healing, health, hope, illumination, inner peace, joy, kindness, light, meaning, meditation, mental health, peace, photography, pictures, poetry, positive thinking, potential, prayer, recovery, serene, serenity, serenity prayer, soul, spirit, spirituality, stillness, sunrise, sunset, the way, tranquility, truth, visualization, wisdom

If you can think of other good suggestions, please leave a comment here.
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