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Au Contrarienne™

Greetings & Welcome

Hello everyone! Serenity and peace of mind are indeed more important than material things, as all the money in the world can't buy these things. And the person with great wealth doesn't have it all if he is not comfortable and at peace with himself.

In a world like ours and in our own personal worlds, serenity may seem hard to attain, as there are factors outside ourselves that confront us. We may not be able to control what happens without, but if we can master ourselves and what is within, through our actions and responses, we can be much more content.

This community can be a refuge and a place to share your own methods or desires in the quest for peace and serenity.

A community I recently joined, 1day1thought, shared this:

Nothing is permanent in this wicked world - not even our troubles.

Charlie Chaplin

It is good to remember that nothing is permanent, but at the same time we each are subject to something I call "the power of the pattern", and that pattern that shows consistently in a person's life is at least partially of his own creation. Let's take on the task of creating new patterns for ourselves, patterns of beauty and fulfillment.

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