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Serenity Zone

Serenity In The Storm

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Hello, and welcome to serenity_zone

This community is intended to be a zone of serenity. In our chaotic world today, serenity (or inner peace) can be difficult to achieve, but often people instinctively yearn for it. Many would consider it to be more precious than jewels or gold. There are many ideas about how to achieve and maintain serenity, and this is the place to talk about them. Members are encouraged to share stories about moments of serenity, pictures that capture a feeling of serenity, ancient or modern wisdom that points the way to serenity, or even poetry, prose and religious materials that expresses the essence of serenity.

While religious faith can often be an important part of one's search for serenity, it isn't necessary to be religious to join this community. Posts from a religious point of view are certainly welcome, but it is not the purpose of this community to proselytize for any particular religion. This community is also not exclusively centered upon the 12 Steps of AA or any other recovery group, although discussion of 12 Step principles is welcome as well. The only requirement for membership is a desire for serenity, or a desire to share your secrets of serenity.

There are only 3 rules of this community, but they are important:

1) No violations of the LiveJournal Terms of Service.

2) No porn or other Non Work Safe posts. Period.

3) Trolling, spamming, flaming, and negative posts are discouraged.

The Serenity Prayer